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Middleton Games

Middleton Games


"Everything is awesome about it. Great job on packing and shipping." - Carver

"Wonderful feel and quality boards. Great personal service. They are simply the best providers of backgammon boards." - Jeff

Middleton Games' Backgammon Sets Featuring Map Designs

Explore Middleton Games' exclusive collection of Map Backgammon Sets, available at American-Wholesaler. Renowned for their budget-friendly yet stylish and high-quality gaming sets, Middleton Games offers a captivating selection that blends quality with affordability. Whether you're a novice or seeking a memorable gift, these Map Backgammon Sets are designed to charm and captivate.

The antique map design on these sets transports you to an old-world era, adding an extra layer of intrigue to your gaming experience. The classic brown and white colors enhance the vintage aesthetic, evoking timeless sophistication.

Available in 15-inch and 18-inch sizes, catering to various preferences, these fully equipped sets ensure immersive gaming. The folding attaché style ensures easy carrying and storage, allowing you to indulge in backgammon wherever you wish.

These sets are meticulously crafted using premium leatherette material, providing a truly luxurious texture. The addition of nickel-plated latches adds a layer of durability and security during transport. Notably, the rugged luggage-style handle stands out as a feature that enhances both aesthetics and durability, ensuring convenient transportation. Furthermore, the plush faux-suede playing surface guarantees a seamless experience, allowing checkers to effortlessly glide with each move.

Crafted from Uria Stone material, the checkers boast exceptional durability, ensuring they remain free from breaks, scratches, or cracks. Checker size corresponds to the dimensions of the board: larger boards feature larger checkers. The 15-inch board includes 1" (27 mm) checkers, while the 18-inch board comes with 1 1/4" (32 mm) checkers.

Testimonials from customers, including the positive review by Hilde Muller, serve as evidence of their contentment with the product. Hilde Muller's review states, "Our entire family has taken pleasure in this exquisitely crafted board. Its durability and ideal size are impressive, and the map design on the case adds to its charm."

Available exclusively at American-Wholesaler, Middleton Games' Map Backgammon Sets embody historical elegance and expert craftsmanship. The blend of durability, size, and captivating design makes these sets valuable additions to any entertainment collection. Immerse yourself in enhanced gameplay with the old-world map design. Plus, enjoy the convenience of FREE shipping in Europe for these remarkable sets.